*Pushing his cart uphill, he remembered the February 21st of 1987


*The street vendor said to him: “Take one and a half candy every day until you finish the bottle and you will cure the stress for ever. This bottle is free for you my captain.“

*Tina didn't like Richard, the man that her father -for family reasons- wanted as her future husband.

-27th Street between 6th and 5th Avenues. Fernando García Velez (47 years old) sells hot coffee, chocolate, coffee with milk  and different kinds of tea. All drinks are contained in plastic thermos.



*He remembered the ambulance he used to drive in the 80’s.


+Doing a big effort, he remembered as well the terrible accident he saw in the Medellín highway. It was a money transporting car that turned over completely.


+It was very difficult to put this car in the original position again. Even he, as the ambulance driver, had to help the curious people to put the car in the original position.


+ Because of this fact, he suffered a terrible pain in his back that is affecting him now.


+Anyway, he continues pushing his candy cart.


+ Some minutes before.

+ Some more five minutes ago



*Big Robbery at Medellín High Way :

A money transporting car of Thomas S.A co. that was transporting 70.000 million pesos crashed, got out of the way and turned around three times before turned over completely. Thieves took all the money that was inside the car and poisoned the driver. Until this moment, there are no witnesses . Nobody knows how could this terrible accident happened and who took out the money.


*The money transporting car driver suffered terrible injuries in his back and has not recovered his conscience until now.


*Two vertebras broken.

+ Some few minutes before.

+ Five minutes ago




*Tina worked as a nurse and was fond of helping the people.


+In an accident at Medellín Highway she met Pablo, the driver of a money transporting car that turned over.


+Pablo was injured seriously in this accident.


*He began to have problems with his backbone and his breathing.


+ Some few minutes before.

+ Five minutes before

- Accident at Medellín Highway. One money transporting car of the THOMAS GREG AND SONS TRANSPORTADORA S.A.  turned over completely when his driver lost the control of the machine. Number plate: GHT-909 of Santa Fe de Bogota. The accident produced a terrible traffic jam in the western suburbs of Bogotá, Colombia.



*After taking all the money with them, they left the crime scene by using a truck.


*The witnesses of the robbery were very afraid and took the next possibility to escape from Bogotá. Using a truck they went to Cartagena.

-Uncle Simon: It has been a bless of god that Richard Escovar decided to marry with our little Tina.



-Father William: Yes my brother, that is a gorgeous thing, the best thing that could have happened in my daughter’s life.


-US: Now we will be teamed up to Richard’s family and our business will go better and better.


-FW: For sure my brother, with the help of the Escovar  family, our business  will grow until the sky.


-US: The sky will be our limit!!


-FW: Yes, yes, I can’t wait to see my little child in the church wearing a pure and white dress.

-Faustino Cantor Ariza (left) and Luis E. Olaya (right) are two construction workers who travel in a truck to their work. Bogotá, Colombia.



Later on he remembered that in Mr. Garcia office, inside of the candy factory, he was surprised by a strange pink cross sign that was over a filing cabinet.


+ By opening one of the drawers he found some papers that seemed to contain a secret code.



-“THE PINK CROSS“ was a crime organization founded in Bogota by some contemporary pirates. 


-They started to use the “+” sign to take an advantage of the ambulances that were in the city. Hundreds of robberies were prepared using the ambulances as a transportation media.


*Tina was a good and serious person. She spent a lot of time in honorary work for the Pink Cross - a sub-organization of the ”Red Cross“. The aim of the Pink Cross was to help poor people with health problems.

- Little piece of wood painted with a red cross.  This object was found

inside a closet’s drawer   in a house of a neighborhood named “La Soledad”. Bogotá, Colombia



* The money transporting car driver was poisoned with a candy. The candy filled his stomach and his brain with orange bubbles and made him lose the car control.



*When he was a child his grandmother used to tell him: "Sugar is like food for the neuronal system"


*Warm orange bubbles flooded her heart when Pablo recovered his sense of self and looked to her eyes.

- Bubbles produced in a glass of water by adding a pill of “Orange Redoxon “ (vitamin C made by Roche) .



He remembered that after one of the drawers was opened he found some papers that seemed to contain a secret code.


+ It seemed to be an official document on the front side.


+ But on the back side there were lots of handwritten numbers.



*Captain Perea found this paper on his desktop at the police department office and immediately recognized the “Pink Cross“ logo.


+On one side there was a contract of an ambulance sale.


+On the other there was a list with plate numbers of lots of ambulances.


*One of her jobs inside the “Pink Cross“ was to make the organization’s accountancy and to compare it with other health organizations.

Paper with hand writing and typed text found in a sidewalk, very close to a lottery shop.  7th avenue with 19th street, Bogotá.



* They escaped to a little island located in Panama.


*When Captain Perea arrived to the island close to Cartagena, his stress was so hard that he started to see everything as an unknown zone. He began to forget why he was in the island.

*Tina and Pablo were dreaming and making plans of going to a heavenly island, far away from her family.

- Landscapes of Bocas del Toro in Panamá. Pictures that were taken at dawn just when the first boat is leaving to the continent. Approximately 6:11 AM.



*Meanwhile, she was weaving under the moonlight waiting for their meeting.



*The chief of the Pink Cross organization was known as “Lunatic  Spider“. He used to appear in public under the full moon light and was always weaving crime networks.

*She felt like all her life was trapped in a big spider web. No way to escape.

- Spider weaving its net under the full moon. The net was located in a little town close to Bogota, Colombia.




He could not remember the meaning of the lights that he had seen on Monday night.

*Lunatic  Spider met Mr. Fernandez  inside of this bus to plan the robbery of the money transporting car.

* A sunny Sunday they had a romantic walk in Bogotá. After it, at night, they took a bus to return to their houses. Everything was perfect. This night they promised each other to be together for the rest of their lives. While they swore love forever and ever, the lights of the bus started to flicker.

- Buseta (medium bus transport parked in the new round point of the 19th street with  4th avenue.  Bogotá, 9:13 pm, one Friday of 2003.



*In addition, he remembered these two guys that were repairing a tower of light close to the candy factory. He listened to their voices faraway, from the deep gaps of his memory: “Hey man!, there is some hole in the roof where  you might enter to the factory“.



*Luis and Mario were repairing this street lamp when the money transporting car accident  occurred. They stayed up there and saw all the movements and actions of the thief.  When the thief was ready to leave the crime scene, he started to shout and threat them:

“If you open your frog mouths I will disappear you.  Nothing has happened here. See you!“

* Tina’s brothers were tracking all the lovers’ movements. One of their spying methods was to monitor from the public lights.



- Alvaro Martinez  (left) and Carlos E. Chaparro Galante (right), two electrician workers from CODENSA,   are repairing public lights in 13th street with 103rd avenue. Bogotá, Colombia.




*Angrily and confused, he remembered that he had started a survey in toxic candies. Thinking more, he took into account that the money transporting car driver injured in that 1980´s accident had been poisoned with a strange orange substance.

* After captain Perea finished the bottle of candies that one street seller gave him for free, he tried to find the same kind of sweets.

*Tina checked the candy carts that were full of bonbons and snacks. She wanted to find orange sweets in order to remember the fall-in-love sensation.


- Supermarket cart with a beach umbrella. Located at 68th avenue, in front of  CAFAM de La Floresta.



*Afterwards, he took into account the afternoon when    the taxi driver Pedro Gonzales drove him to the candy factory. He remembered watching the huge building, wondering how to get in.



One of the undercover agents spent five entire days observing the entrance of a suspicious car shop.

-Everyday she went to pick Pablo up in the car repair shop where he had to work. One of the consequences of his back injures was that he couldn't drive cars anymore.

- Factory building located at Avenue of Americas with 44th street. Bogotá, Colombia.



And then, he remembered Johnny, the hawker who confirmed the existence of orange sweeties. Johny´s voice sounded like an echo inside his memory:
'“...Candies to daze, candies to create hallucinations... There is an old factory where the orange candies are made…but I don't know exactly where it is.“

*The captain decided to dress like a street vendor of candies. In this way his stress was controlled and in the middle of the multitude he was ignored.

Julio became her favorite seller of sweets because he was the only one who had those very small and very tasty orange candies.

- Antonio Rodriguez Herrera (34) has been a candy street vendor since 1999. Now he is wearing a yellow CHARMES suit. He owns a cart plenty of candies, tobacco and snacks. Located at 15th Avenue with 78th street of Bogotá.





*He considered that inside of the factory he had to hide himself in a bathroom for some minutes. While he was hidden, the faucet was opened and the water flowed as now the time in his memory.



*Being in his bathroom,

Captain Perea decided to take one of the candies that the candy street seller gave to him at no cost. He opened the faucet and washed his hands to be free of virus.

In the morning of the decision day, Tina spent a lot of time in her bathroom. She felt very uncomfortable because of all the pressure of her father. Looking at the water - falling and leaving - she thought about her life.

-  Toilet in a Bogota apartment built in 1970s. 3rd Floor. On SALE for $60.000.000 pesos. Tree rooms, one kitchen, one bath, one big living room. Security and comfort.



*In the little Island they were tortured by a rough guy called Charly.


*Captain Perea´s visions while suffering a strong headache.



In her nightmares it appeared again and again this situation of running through the underground mangrove swamps and getting stuck there.

- Branches of elder trees pictured at Bogota Savannah.



*He had chills when he remembered the reckless motorcycle driver who chased him during all the following week after his visit to the candy factory.

*One of the undercover agents sent by the Captain was following Mr. Fernandez all the 22nd November afternoon.

Even though uncle Simon drove as speedy as he could, he could not catch the lovers.

-Phototypesetting of Bogota traffic and Victor J. Molina as a  motorcycle driver.



*When the candy factory chief discovered the hole in the roof, he assigned Oscar to fix it.



Before working as an electrician, Mario had had a job as a mason.

Feigning to fix a roof, Uncle Simon spent long hours watching the movements of his niece.

- Ovidio Gutierrez (42) is fixing a roof in a house located at 6th avenue with 27th street of Bogotá.



* ”You promised to send 16 packages...No I am talking from Panama... yes,  yes...shut up...  sixteen!!!...Password? No, Oscar didn’t tell me anything...“



*The witnesses contacted by phone the police officer Eusebio Perea, one of the most famous and prestigious policemen of the country.  The Captain Perea asked everything about the crime and said ”You will be protected“.

The travel agent had to do several phone calls to find two places in a flight to Providencia for the next day.

-Phototypesetting of Gilberto Chiquillo talking by phone and a mirror structure found in Maloka. Bogotá.



* He remembered that in his research he checked all the merchants on the street.



*Searching for candies and substances to deal with his stress....

+The Captain couldn’t concentrate in the investigation of the robbery because his high stress level.

In their way to the airport they were observing distrustfully all the people in the street because they were very afraid that Tina’s family would try to stop them.

- Pictures of the Bogota street vendors who are located in different traffic lights. The population around the traffic lights has been increasing during last years dramatically. Because of the violence present in rural areas, many people have moved to the capital city (forced and by pressure) and have created different kinds of improvised commerce enterprises.



* After a while, he remembered -tired of too many memories- that Pedro Gonzales told him to go, “during the night hours“, to the Chinese restaurant “La Chinita“, where he would find a message in the food...


+As soon as he remembered the message he had found inside the lucky cookie, his backache disappeared and  his breath recovered.


+This is what he found inside the lucky cookie that the waitress gave to him as a dessert:


“Learn to forget is the first step in a happy live“


*Captain Perea went to the Chinese restaurant “La Chinita“ to take a dinner and inside of a lucky cookie he found a secret code:



*This code number matched with one of the numbers that was in the backside of the legal paper.

This coincidence gave him the clue of the relation between

ambulances and the Pink Cross.


*The lovers decided to go to a Chinese restaurant to take a dinner.



+ The message they found inside the lucky cookie Tina broke (“Go on and find the secret way“) made them to be sure about leaving the situation of pressure.

- Chinese food restaurant named „La Chinita“, located at Caracas Avenue with 67th street. Bogotá.


+Pictures of oriental food.



*He reminded Pedro Gonzales, the fastest taxi driver in city downtown.



*The man who executed the 70.000 million pesos robbery, Mr. Fernandez, used to drive a taxi cab during all labor days. The morning of November 22nd, at 11:00,  he got a call from Lunatic  Spider“ telling him to  escape from Captain Perea’s ambush.

* After Tina’s father found the room of his little child absolutely empty, he called uncle Simon by phone. Immediately, uncle Simon drove to the airport to halt the escape.

- Felix Amézquita (44) is a professional taxi driver who has been working in Bogota during “all his life”. He is always ready to attend the radio-telephone taxi service. Once he receives a call, disappears in the search of his passenger.



* He evoked those images of his wait.... Wait wait. I am depressed...he should come soon. I’ve got news of Pedro Gonzales....

Compañero I’ve got news of Pedro...No it’s not him, it’s an ant...not’s him?

* Because his stress, Captain Perea had to stay at home during the first period of the survey.


*For repairing his absence, he sent undercover agents to strategic zones in the city.

*Antonio, the son of uncle Simon, was standing in front of Tina’s house guarding the movements of the street walkers.

- David Montes (35) and pedestrian citizens moving through 27th street between 5th and 6th avenues. Bogotá.



* The thieves  escaped in an  Avianca’s airplane, flight 7442

+ Until today it’s not clear how they were able to take all the money with them.

+ there

+ there are rumors

+ in every rumor there is a little bit of truth

+ but we all know

+ the truth depends on, or is only arrived at, a legitimate deduction from all the facts which are veridical facts.

+ Facts are:

+ There were big cars and small cars all around.

+ there were busses, full of people

+ there were those men in red

+ and this captain

+ hesitating if he could enter the plane

+ receiving secret messages by a hidden small  headphone

+ there were strange packages inside of the plane

+ there was this non-gallant smiling second officer

+ but the strongest  evidence exists in the theory that all the money was hidden in  the food

+ the catering chief seems to be involved in all of this

+ he died shortly after the plane lift off

*Captain Perea decided to fly to Cartagena to see the witnesses.

+All the stuff before he could fly

+Some problems with the airplane....

+More stress for the Captain.

+Where have I kept my candies?

+Heavens! I think I’ve left them at home... +More stress...

+A terrible headache.


+Inside the airplane, she was sat in a window seat next to Pablo.

+Everything that had happened the previous weeks had come to her mind.

+She was very afraid that even in the last minutes before taking off, her father or her uncle might have appeared and forced her to leave the plane.

- El Dorado airport in Bogotá and  Tocumen airport in  Ciudad de Panamá “.  The Avianca´s airplane 0727 was broken by one of the catering cars some minutes before the departure.


- Some pictures of the pilot (Capt. Orlando Hoyos)

, the airplane crew, and some airport technicians (Inés Cordoba, Juan J. Valbuena, Ulises Jimenez and Mauricio Pinilla).



*He remembered the exact moment when he got news about the factory’s address after giving some money to a street singer.




*Mario’s father was a singer. He started to provide all the clues that his son had told him by phone. 


Every time Mario´s father met Captain Perea, he played a song that facilitated the advance of the survey.


*After Richard Escovar realized that Tina escaped from his arms, he became so sad, lost his reason and started to be a street singer who was always playing the same heartbroken song.

- Augusto A. Leguizamón (68) plays guitar by a traffic light located at 68th Avenue with 50th street. Bogota, Colombia.  Mr. Leguizamón was born in Mapiripán and migrated to the Capital City on 2001. He traveled from the country to the city following his desire of peace.



He recollected that while being inside Pedro Gonzales’ cab he was hypnotized by the taximeter.

* Mr. Fernandez drove his taxi cab very fast to escape the police pursuit.

Tina & Pablo took a taxi to the airport. Because they asked the taxi driver to be as fast as possible, the price was really high.

- Taximeter of the Bogota  cab driven by William Nuñez (26).



*He remembered inside the factory he discovered the production manager, Mr. Garcia.

That afternoon, when Mr. Garcia left the factory, was followed, intercepted and interviewed by him. The few words that they exchanged sounded like a puzzling song: “Forget all you know about the Pink Cross and you will be alive“.

*Lunatic Spider, head of the Pink Cross, finally was caught by Captain Perea on a pedestrian bridge.




*Tina talked to her boss the day before his escape and explained shortly the reasons to leave the city and her job.


- Orlando Guerrero (56 years old) walks over a pedestrian bridge located at El Dorado Avenue with 69th street. Bogotá.



*So he heard, like a pure murmur inside his memory, the words that a bus driver was telling him:

Bus Driver: “Yes, yes. I know this sign...this sign is a dangerous is something related to  “the Pink Cross“.

HE: “The Pink Cross?“

BD: “Yes, yes. A criminal organization.“

HE: “Crime? I was supposing it was something related to the Red Cross, a human organization“

BD: “So, you are too wrong...Things are not what they seem....This is the Pink Cross...the + pink....the more cute, so soft, so terrible....“

HE: “Ohhh“

BD: “Be careful, since you get in Pink Cross´ are very close to death....“

* The driver of the bus in which the robbery was planned, finally decided to talk to Captain Perea and became a clue witness in the survey.

*The driver operating the bus in which they traveled that lovely Sunday, started to make lots of jokes related with the sense of love.

- A bus driver named Uriel Fonseca drives his machine and collects money from the passengers.



*She and Charly created an office of the “Pink Cross” in Panama.

So the Captain thought he was on vacations and spent many hours in the pool making friends and taking sun baths.

*In the island Tina became very happy and began a new career as a public relation officer.

Lotty Kaufmann and Laura Vaughan drink cocktails.



The “Pink Cross“ was a criminal organization founded in Bogota (1944) by a famous pharmacist named Ignacio Escovar. In this picture one can see Mr. Escovar walking after getting out of a streetcar.

*Captain Perea visited the famous doctor Escovar and asked for the stress cure. Doctor Escovar was very kind and gave to the Captain all the indications to cure his stress.

His father was very angry explaining all his “good“ reasons for her marriage with Richard. While he was insisting in the prestige and tradition of Escovar´s Family, he showed her a picture of Richard’s grandfather.

- Postcard sold  in Bogota downtown by the informal vendors that are located along  7th Avenue sidewalks. The postcard tittle is  “El Tranvía (1948)“.



*16 packages containing orange candies were sent to the Pink Cross office in Panamá.

*Mr. Fernandez put all the money in wooden crates that he hid in the Pink Cross office.

Inside 16 packages that Tina borrowed from the Pink Cross office, traveled all their clothes and furniture.

Mr. Meier, Mr. Gomez and 16 container boxes.



*He remembered when he got out of the candy factory trough the back door he bumped with a dog that started to talk to him. With unbelief, he considered the dog conversation:



THE DOG: “Stop!!! Wait, wait!!! Good man, now you have discovered everything related to the factory and the process of making orange candies. It’s time to take a rest...Don’t you think so?...If you are clever enough you would stop your survey right now...Just relax, go to your home and take a nap...If you do so, everything you saw will be erased from your memory“.

*A guardian dog started to bark when the captain and his agents arrived to the Pink Cross office.

Pablo used to complain a lot about Tina’s family. A dog that was sat close to the car repair shop listened calmly to all his worries.


- Max (4 years old) is an elegant street dog. He is taking a rest at the shore of a railroad in Bogotá.




*Suddenly, many images of that room inside the factory came to his head. Bottles, pots, pipettes…he remembered himself watching carefully each bottle and taking notes of the labels. All he found had the label “Escovar“

* Before finding those orange and healthy candies, Captain Perea took different kinds of medicines to cure his stress.

While Tina was assorting the medicines for the poor people, she thought about her situation and future with Pablo.

- Old medicines that where found in a house located in La Candelaria, downtown of Bogotá. This house was a famous drugstore in the XIX century.







*Furthermore, he considered, clearly, the gorgeous parking in where he was parking his ambulance. He never forgot the happy times as an ambulance driver.

* Captain Perea went to the address that appeared in the contract of ambulance-sale and found some important clues that helped him to localize the Pink Cross office.

The Pink Cross’ parking was the safest place where Tina & Pablo could meet.

-Ambulances found in Bogotá streets and a hospital parking.








He remembered his old friend Octavio who didn´t want to help him in the orange-candy survey.


Special agent Zuluaga was very careful carrying the official papers inside of his leather briefcase.

Pablo´s brother was the only person in town that knew the exact place where the lovers went.

* Gabriel C. Rodríguez (37): office worker waiting for a bus. Carrera 13 with 49th street. Chapinero, Bogota, Colombia.








Eventually, his brain was emptied of all the orange stuff.

When the captain registered the Pink Cross office he found it completely empty.


When he realized that his daughter had left for ever, a big void spread in his heart.

Modern building found in Chapinero. Bogota, Colombia.







His memories were moving inside a random pattern for a while.


The captain moved his counters carefully and smarty. Every movement was strategic and forceful.




Tina´s father taught  to Ricardo Escovar different flirting techniques that he used to practice in his youth.


Color cubes over a chess desk.