:: cotidianity



Computer Operetta


1. Overture (>)
2. Thermo-plastic (>)
3. Accident (>)
4. Taximeter (>)
5. Balsam of life (>)
6. Tropical landscape sense(>)
7. Buseta driver (>)
8. Vitamin C naranja (>)
9. The + (>)


Leslie Leon (Lyric singing)
Abedellatif Hussein  (Reading text in Arabic)
Abhishek Agarwal (Reading text in Hindi)
Ambud Sharma (Reading text in English)
Gedrus Mackavikas  (Reading text in Lithuanian)
Liu Richard  (Reading text in Mandarin Chinese)
Masahiro Hosoda (Reading text in Japanese)
Roger Rappich (Reading text in German)
Vladimir Mosquera Bautista  (Reading text in Spanish)